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Popular Campus Study Spot Closes

College isn’t always like the real world.  Yes, it prepares us for future careers and teaches us lessons that we wouldn’t learn anywhere else, but streets filled with coffee shops and bookstores- prime for late night studying - don’t usually exist outside of our beloved college towns.  That’s why it’s so hard to believe that even the biggest of the bookstore moguls can’t survive in East Lansing.  


In September Barnes & Nobles Booksellers Inc. announced that it would be closing the popular Grand River Avenue location at the end of the year.  Seemingly headed down the same dark path as Ann Arbor-based Borders, which just closed the last of its national stores.


With over 18 million college students across the country, why can’t these stores keep their doors open?  In a world where at any moment, every student is carrying a laptop, a smart phone, or an e-reader, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for traditional bookstores to find their place in the market.  Both novels and textbooks are now easily available for purchase on the Internet: hard copies or the increasingly popular downloadable versions.  


The local B&N is a popular study spot amongst MSU students; it provides them with a quiet atmosphere, coffee, internet, plenty of tables, coffee, and just the right amount of distraction when you need that little break- oh, did I mention there was coffee?  


Caffeinated beverages seem to be a trend when it comes to choosing the perfect study spot; but what else do students look for before committing countless hours of their lives to subjects sometimes irrelevant to their chosen majors?


After talking to a few girls around campus, Her Campus MSU has compiled a few things that students look for when choosing a study spot.


“I need a place with the right amount of noise.  It can’t be too loud and distracting, but it also can’t be completely silent- that’s just creepy.”


“There has to be enough seating and table space for all my books and laptop and all that. Oh and outlets!”


“I like to have chill music in the background, nothing too loud or fast just something there to keep a constant sound going.”


Aside from the numerous coffee (or tea) shops lining Grand River Avenue (Starbucks, Espresso Royale, Bigby, Wanderer’s), there are a number of spots that MSU students spend their study times.  


There are the obvious places like the main library and the Union.  The recent remodeling of the Brody Complex has proven to be a great study spot for students.  It has a cool, new, clean vibe that is hard to find in other buildings around campus.  Brody also has a brand new Sparty’s Café, a lot of seating and not to mention the cafeteria upstairs when you need to reward yourself with some of the best dorm food, well ever.


The dorms all have study lounges on the floors and in the main lobby which is convenient when meeting with a large group of people.  Each of the colleges’ buildings are great study spots for your respective major.  There are often people from classes there and access to any material you may need.


Sometimes the best place to be is in your own room, with some good music, a variety of snacks large enough for a small army and a supply of pens and pencils so there is no excuse to get up from the camp set up at your desk.


Everyone may need different things when studying, and some people may prefer to be alone while others are more productive in a group.  Either way, it is important to know what works for you so when that week of countless exams and papers creeps up on you, you’re not jumping into panic mode.

Tina Berisha is a senior at Michigan State University.  She is currently interning at City Pulse, a local alternative weekly, as a reporting intern. Tina is also a communcations/marketing intern with the Michigan Recreation and Park Association. When asked what she wants to with her life, Tina often changes her mind but one thing remains the same- she wants to help people in her surrounding community.
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