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Paranormal (Spartan) Activity

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.


Michigan State University is no stranger to “supposed hauntings” – tales of paranormal activity on campus have been circling around for decades. These are just some of the haunted stories that send shivers down our spines.


Mary Mayo Hall

Mary Anne Bryant stood up for the importance of higher education for woman and Mayo Hall was named after her. Mayo died of an illness in 1903, and now it is said that Mary Mayo’s spirit walks the halls of Mary Mayo Hall. Sightings of a woman’s figure and a piano playing itself have been previously reported. The most haunted part of Mayo Hall is its 4th floor – the “red room” – which is completely sealed off and where there have been reports of Satanic rituals taking place. It is very unlikely that Mary Mayo haunts Mayo Hall, seeing as she passed away 31 years before it was built, but that doesn’t stop students from believing it.


Beaumont Tower

One of the most popular sites on MSU’s campus is Beaumont Tower which carries its own ghost tale. A legend says that a student killed in WWII haunts the tower, searching for his lost sweetheart. It has also been said that you aren’t a true Spartan unless you kiss someone under the shadows of this tower, which must have something to do with the connection between the boy and his lover.


Holmes Hall

The 6th floor of Holmes Hall has been said to be haunted. According to tales, a man has been seen entering the elevator on the 6th floor and the doors will close, but when they open again seconds later, no one is in the elevator. In addition to this chilling sight, there have been reports of lights flickering on and off by themselves.


Check out this virtual haunted tour of MSU for more ghostly stories about the Auditorium and Yakeley-Gilchrist Hall, among others.

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