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My March Ipsy Glam Bag Review

What’s an Ipsy Glam Bag?

The company Ipsy will personally put together a custom package each month, designed specifically for you! They include a themes makeup bag and different products. For only $10 a month and free shipping right to your door.

How does it work?

You create an account at ipsy.com. Then you put in all your personal settings so they can find the best products for you. They ask you what types of products you use on a daily basis and what your favorite brands are. Next, they ask you what your body is like so they can find products that are best suited for you. Some questions they ask include; what type of hair you have, your eye color, skin tone, preferred nail polish color, etc.

My March Glam Bag review:

This month, Ipsy did a very creative thing. The bag was a black and white patterned design of women’s heads. They included two different colored markers in the bag for you to color and add your own unique touch on your bag. The products this month were all items that I use daily which was super great!

Contour Cosmetics — Lip Kit Pencil in “Juju”

I died for this liner. I am a super freak about the perfect lip! This liner was super pigmented and it went on so effortlessly. The color i got was “Juju” and it was perfect. The pinky-nude color was nice to use for both nudes and mauve colors. Five stars from me for this product — well done Ipsy, well done.

Glossier — Balm Dotcom in “Rose”

I was skeptical with I saw this product in my bag. I don’t like glossy balms. I’d rather slay a matte neutral lip. I tried it out and I absolutely loved it. I didn’t realize that it is a long wear lip balm that is doubles with a look of a lip gloss. I am obsessed with my chapsticks and have one in every place possible, but I think I might be obsessing over this for a while. Four stars from me!

Furless — Loose Pigment in “Sinister”

Again: skeptical, as I am not a glitter fan either. I also don’t have a lot of experience in working with loose shadows. I paired it with my Urban Decay All Night Long setting spray and it worked, I think. Not sure if I like this shade. I felt it was a little too dark and hard to fit in with my typical looks. May or may not give it another shot. Five stars from me, sorry Ipsy.

Tarte Cosmetics — Sex Kitten liner

Love, love, love it!! Thank you Ipsy, Tarte and all creative minds that worked on this product. It’s very easy to use. I wing it every day and my face is never complete without my cat eye. I have wanted to try this for a while and I am so glad this little liner ended up in my bag. Five stars from me, bless everyone involved.

Winky Lux — Powdered Lights in “Charm”

I’m not highlighter friendly, same with the glitter, I’d take a matte look over anything shiny. But after dabbling with this subtle product, I just might venture into the highlighter world. This is a good highlighter for a more subtle look, like for other beginners like me! For the pros, don’t think I would recommend. 3.5 stars from me, like but don’t love.


I absolutely love everything Ipsy has to offer me every month. This is a really good way to get new makeup regularly without spending the big bucks. This way I get to explore new stuff and try a ton of things without breaking my bank. The $10 is definitely worthwhile with this system. I highly recommend it to my fellow college girls who are slayin’ on a budget!

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