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Member Spotlight: Rachel Cichon ’19

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.


Name: Rachel Cichon

Year: Sophomore

Major: Social Relations and Policy

Hometown: Howell, Michigan


What made you decide to join Her Campus at MSU? I was editor-in-chief of my high school paper, but got a little discouraged with it after I was told I couldn’t publish an article I had written about how the Fifty Shades of Gray franchise romanticizes abuse. What stood out to me about Her Campus is that there really isn’t censorship, we get to write about whatever is relevant to us, because it’s bound to be relevant to another collegiette out there.

What is your favorite thing about HC MSU? I love that Her Campus is basically built on feminism! All of the ladies on our team have different personalities and interests, but we are all bonded through a love of empowering women!

What else are you involved in on campus? I’m in the James Madison College, a peer educator for the Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Prevention Program, and in Mayo Hall Government. Last fall, I was a fellow for the Michigan Democratic Coordinated Campaign, aka the annoying people with clipboards who knocked on everyone’s door three times a week. Sorry about that…

What is your dream job? Honestly, I haven’t decided for sure, but I think I would love to run for elected office, especially to be a U.S. Representative for the 8th District of Michigan, which includes both my hometown and my current home, Lansing!

What made you decide on your major? I was initially a political science major and recently changed to social relations and policy, though I want to look into potentially double-majoring in both of them. I’ve always loved social studies, and after taking a constitutional law competition class my senior year of high school and realizing that I am Leslie Knope while binge-watching Parks and Recreation, I realized that political science was for me. After being on the Clinton campaign and making friends almost exclusively with James Madison kids, I decided I wanted to change majors, both because of the multitude of opportunities available through James Madison, but also because social relations and policy is much more specific to my interests.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be? I’d talk to animals! I miss my cat so much — I would love to be able to just call him up and chat. Maybe that’s not really a superpower, but in my opinion Eliza Thornberry has a better deal than Superman any day of the week.

If you could trade places with someone for a day, who would you trade places with? Bill Clinton, so that I could tell Hillary Clinton how inspirational she is and serenade her with a sax solo while at dinner with the Obamas and Bidens. Obviously!

What’s something most people don’t know about you? When I was in the eighth grade, I saw Steve Yzerman at a Whaler’s game. I tugged on his coat to get his attention, then when he didn’t react, sang “STEVE, STEVE YZERMAN!” He turned around and angrily said, “later, okay?!” I was too embarrassed to approach later. I can still hear the exact way he said that — it haunts me.


Photo by Rachel Cichon

Feminist | Editor | Lesbian