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Make the Most of your Summer

Summer is almost upon us, even though there was snow on the ground only days ago, this semester is drawing to an end and those late summer nights are only a few weeks away. With no school, summer jobs, internships and friends, it’s easy to let the best days of our lives slip away without making the most of this glorious three-month break. Her Campus MSU is here to help make sure you make the most of your summer, which doesn’t necessarily mean spending the most on extravagant ideas. Sometimes the best days are those hanging out with people that mean the most to you.


1.     Head to the nearest beach to soak up some rays with friends!

On those unbearably hot days there aren’t many things better than packing a tote bag and heading to the beach with your friends. Bring speakers for music, snacks and things to do. Instead of just lounging on your towel, toss a football back and forth with friends, start a volleyball game, or even build a sandcastle. There is no age limit to making a day at the beach more than napping under the hot summer sun!

2.     Make s’mores around a bonfire

If you feel like a casual night with friends, round up everyone and have a summer bonfire! Sitting around a fire and making s’mores can be a great way to bond and catch up with your friends in a relaxing environment. Have any musical friends? Ask them to bring a guitar and sing around the fire. Plus, who could ever say no to hanging out outside looking at the stars. However, make sure you don’t forget the mosquito spray!

3.     Go to a hiking trail and pack a little lunch

Have a free day? Call up some of your outdoorsy friends and head to the nearest hiking trail or a trail you haven’t explored yet. Plan to hike for the afternoon and pack a little lunch. Getting fresh air and exploring nature is beautiful when the sun is shining and there is a light breeze, plus it gets you active! We all want to look great in a bathing suit right? Make it harder and take the trail you know to have the most hills!

4.     Drive in movie theatres

Even though they’re rare, Drive-In’s still exist! These can be cheaper than heading to your nearest theatre and more fun! Bring blankets, snacks and friends. Feel the warm, summer night cool your tan skin and take in the moment with your friends watching a new release movie in the comfort of your own car. Find a friend with a pick up truck, load it up with blankets and you can all lounge in the bed of the truck loving the movie together.

5.     Outdoor concerts

Outdoor concerts are always fun in the summer, check online for cheap tickets to your favorite concerts and bring a group of friends. Spend the night dancing and having the time of your life while outside!


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