Madeline DIlley, '18

Name: Madeline Dilley

Year: Senior

Major: Environmental economics and management with a minor in German language

Hometown: Rochester Hills, Michigan

What made you decide to pursue your major, and what do you like the most about it? 

The growing emphasis on environmental issues in today's society made me want to pursue something that I felt could help make a difference and provide solutions for generations ahead. I like the sense of community my major promotes and the passionate people I get to work around on a daily basis. 

What have been some of the biggest lessons you've learned at MSU?

Don't be afraid to "speak up" was my biggest lesson learned. If you see something, say something. You are going to face uncomfortable situations as a college student but learning how to embrace them will make you a stronger person. Chances are, it will benefit you and those around you. 

Tell me about your involvement with the Senior Class Council.

This is my fourth year on class council and this year I am serving as vice president. It has been an amazing experience being involved in planning commencements, fundraising for the senior class gift and putting on fun events for students to enjoy. I am glad to have been a part of an awesome organization and to have made life-long friends. 

If you could narrow it down, what is your favorite memory as a Spartan?

There are too many to count! 

What advice would you give to incoming freshmen?

Do not take your caf privileges for granted! Get involved anywhere you can, campus is as big or as small as you make it. 

What are your hopes after graduation?

I hope to pursue a career in environmental health and safety after gradation.

What inspires and motivates you?

My support system of amazing family and friends motivates me!

Tell me about something that most people don't know about you or expect from you.

Most people don't know that I work a part time job at a juvenile detention center! It has been interesting to say the least.