La Façade: A Vignette

Sweet classical music floats through the light spring air as guests mingle among the fresh-cut lawn. Burberry heels sink into the soft ground as pale pink and delicious yellow dresses gently kiss the ground. Light, confetti-colored finches paint the blue, blank canvas of the sky. Cold, crystal glasses of strong gin and tonics, juicy bellinis, and gingery Moscow Mules are held loosely with cocktail napkins stuck to them, protecting the dainty hands of the guests. White wicker furniture dots the lawn with brilliant roses, lilies, and daffodils as centerpieces. Precious, fragile china is set at each placemat, a fresh purchase from Tiffany & Co. 

Conversations drift through the air:“My dear son Phineas has his first little league game tomorrow!” “Oh how charming!” and “Scarlett is hosting a garden tea party tomorrow, the girls are going to dress in princess gowns!” Each posh word roles off with elegance, poise, and only the slightest bit arrogant. Behind each carefully phrased sentence is panic, praise, uncertainty, and desperation. The hope that one is accepted among acquaintances, stands out, or is “the one every woman wants to be.”

Delicately manicured nails twirl around freshly groomed salon hair as diamond earrings dangle from pale skin. Intricately tailored suits drape over broad shoulders. Salty sweat slides down a man’s face as he dabs his soft skin with a silk handkerchief. As right hands rest in linen pockets, left hands talk with Rolex watches and sharp champagne. Perfectly groomed, gelled hair stays in place as a light and humid breeze sticks curled hair to glossy pink lips. Teeth as white as snow glisten as smiles and grins respond to insignificant chatter. Children run amongst the guests as their light and playful games cause gentle laughs to emerge. Waiters scurry about like mice in a maze with silver platters of citrus marinated olives, pears with cheese and honey, and feta and melon brochettes. The chamber orchestra continues to play as long as the acts do.