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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

With Pinterest being such a huge closet of endless outfits, it can get frustrating when you fall in love with a picture and it doesn’t tell you where and how you can buy it. In enters, The Hunt.com! This genius website is the online shoppers Bible. People post pictures of something they see online and the community will help you find out where it can be purchased. The Hunt is a great place to discover new trends and stores you are sure to love! 

There are different types of searches you can enter on this website such as: This Exactly, Similar to This, Style Me as well as What Goes With This. By using these four topics you can find a piece you love, complete outfits you can’t perfectly accessorize, and get advice on cute outfits. 

This website is such a great place to expand your closet, find pieces you’ve been searching for, and learn more about fashion. All this being said, The Hunt isn’t just clothes. You can find accessories, shoes and house hold products throughout the postings. Her Campus MSU highly recommends you fellow shopaholics check out TheHunt.com!

 Marissa Russo is a senior at Michigan State University studying  journalism with a concentration in apparel and textile design. Her love for writing coincides with her love for design, and after graduation she hopes to work at a publication that allows her to do both. Marissa is a co-campus correspondent for Her Campus MSU. Follow her on Instagram: marissrusso and Twitter: @marissrusso