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Looking for a job when you’re in college can be frustrating. Whether it’s your first job or your third, there will always be some nerves when trying to secure a job other students may want. In this article I will share some tips I have learned about grabbing the job you want. 

Being an off-campus student, having a job was a must— but finding one was hard. When you begin looking for a job the first thing you must master is a resume. Fortunately, there are many free examples of good resumes you can follow online! Within these resumes, you want to start off with your work history and a brief sentence about what you completed at that job in a way that will be attractive to other employers. You also should include your education history with extra curricular work you have done such as any clubs in school or sports, to show that you are a hard worker that is involved with many things outside of school or work.

Now on to the daunting interview

We all hate that interview question; “What hourly pay are you looking for?”— the last thing you want to do is lowball yourself. When considering what pay I will accept and answering that question in an interview, I always consider if the pay they are offering is worth the quality of work— if it’s not, don’t be scared to decline an offer and move to the next.  I always tend to give a range instead of a set number. For example, I typically go a dollar below and above the range I’m actually looking at, for a healthy range for the employers so they think you’re a better fit for the position you are looking for. 

The final nerve-wracking interview question that is not my personal favorite is; “Tell me about yourself?”— nine out of ten times you will be asked this question so prepare beforehand! Simply start with where you go to school and what you’re studying and make a brief transition into your work history with a statement on what you completed at those jobs and how they will apply to the job you’re applying to.

Now remember, always keep your dialogue professional and educated, and keep a positive and friendly attitude. For in person interviews always dress sharp and professional but not too over the top, depending on the position and company. The main thing to remember is to never settle for a job or a salary because you’re desperate. Keep job hunting until you find the job that fits well with you!

A Michigan State University Junior studying Political Science pre-law with a minor in Law, Justice, and Public Policy. I will be writing articles on court cases or similar as well as how to navigate around college whether you're an incoming freshman or a senior.
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