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How to Survive Taurus Season

After the high magnitudes of energy from Aries season ends, warm spring days full of bliss start for Taurus season. Taurus season starts on April 19 and ends on May 20. This season is all about balance and coming in tune with ourselves. Springtime is in full bloom and the winter season is officially over. With Taurus being the sign of the bull, this month is about pleasure, persistence, comfort, and growth. 

Taurus season can be a great time to start opening new doors – whether that’s working on a new project or catching up with some old friends. As an earth sign, Taurus’ are grounded and dedicated. You may be intrigued by new things or opportunities; take advantage of them! However, with the Taurus season also comes stubbornness. Stubbornness is what Taurus’ are known for. This just means you know who you are and what you want. There is nothing wrong with that!

Taurus’ are also known for luxury and spending money on the finest things. During this month, you may take a shopping spree or spend some money online. The month is all about pleasure and making yourself happy! This also means eating all of your favorite foods. Taurus’ love the simple things in life. You may find yourself picnicking under the sun in the park, wearing comfortable clothes, or trying new foods! 

The good thing about Taurus season is how slow time feels. This energy is at ease, meant to make you feel everything in time. Don’t rush things during this season and consider everything that comes your way. Taking life slower this month could be very productive for the beginning of the crazy Gemini season. 

If there is anything we can learn from Taurus season, it’s how to compromise. While we can become stubborn during this month, it’s also important to make compromises and let go of attachments. Taurus signs hate change, so push yourself to try new things. Stop holding on to grudges and be at peace with yourself this season. 

Chloe West is a Junior at Michigan State University studying journalism and public relations. She writes for VIM Magazine, the Spartan Newsroom and Her Campus MSU.
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