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How To Prepare For Recruitment Season (Rush Edition)

Welcome to the second part of my rush edition series! You don’t have to read the first part but I recommend if it pertains to you, Why It’s Totally Okay For Sophomores To Rush. But anyway, I hope you read the rest of this series and hopefully it prepares you for rush.

Rather than look up youtube videos on rush, I’ve brought you the readable version. I was that Potential New Member (PNM) that would spend her last minutes of summer binge-watching youtube videos on what clothes to wear, what to say, what to ask, and etc. that I mostly forgot about when rush actually started. It was also hard to keep track of what they were saying. Below are tips I collected on how to best prepare yourself for recruitment!

Disclaimer: I rushed this past fall (Fall 2020) so it wasn’t in-person but on Zoom. So most of my tips may not include what it’s like to do in-person and there are other resources to help cater you towards in-person rush. I recommend you prepare accordingly, whether it be in-person or online.

  1. 1. Plan Your Outfits But DON’T Stress About Them

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    Planning out your outfits beforehand relieves some of your stress but not all of it, sadly. You don’t have to go out and buy new clothes and accessories and the clothes in your closet are perfectly fine. I stressed out on what clothes I should wear and my siblings were beyond annoyed with me. But when recruitment came closer and closer, I actually took a proper look at my closet. I rushed this past fall when recruitment was during Zoom and knew I didn’t have to wear a full outfit but I did anyways to feel more confident and prepared. You’ll soon realize that you don’t really need to buy new clothes unless you’re going to wear them again (highly unlikely) and you have to save money for college expenses anyways. Honestly, the girls recruiting you WANT to get to know the real you and though you might not have the cutest outfit in your group, it’s not the end of the world. Wear what’s comfortable, brings back happy memories, or makes you feel confident in yourself. You never know what may lie in your closet that could be a potential conversation starter between you and a sorority sister.

  2. 2. Make A List Of Questions To Ask Them


    Thinking about what questions to ask them informs your decision on a house at the end of the day. Come up with questions that you're interested in such as what made you choose your sorority, what’s your favorite sisterhood event, or one memory you would take away from your sorority when you graduate from MSU? These are also great conversation starters and paint a better picture of the house and who the girl you’re talking to seems like. It also makes you look like a very interested PNM and recruiters love answering questions! I asked active sisters constant questions and they helped me find my home! Range your questions from the house and chapter to the girl themselves. Asking active sisters about themselves helps open so many doors for you. I remember asking a girl if they were getting their house renovated because I overheard it during their Spirit Day video and we launched into a conversation about our love for HGTV. Afterward, I talked to the same girl on Preference Night and I’m happy to call her my sister. You never know what you can get out of a conversation and they’re key during recruitment season.


  3. 3. Keep A Daily Journal Of Each Chapter You Talk To

    woman writing in notebook

    This is really helpful because rush goes by in a blur and it’s super easy to forget who you talked to, what they looked like, your feelings, and what you talked about. That’s why I recommend recording your experience after each chapter. You can write it down, record it, or type it all out on your phone like I did which was super helpful to pull up when voting. You want to record everything because the tiniest bits could be your breaking point to dropping that house and choosing another. You also may never know which one of them could be your future sister or even your Big. It’s also nice to look back on your notes and read your rush experience because we can’t go back in time. It’ll bring back feelings of nostalgia and make you want to rush all over again. I also recommend doing it for Big Little Week and recording each day who you think your Big is. In my case, it was a total surprise to see who my Big was because I never could’ve guessed her. I found it pretty funny too and sometimes look back to reminisce. In the end, you’ll remember seeing that girl you talked to through rush and instantly run to her on Bid Day (and be thankful you at least know her name among so many girls).


  4. 4. Get To Know Your Recruitment Guides

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    Your RG’s are there for you and volunteered to be guides for you. It’s sometimes hard to remember during rush and being in a group with so many girls but all it takes is one simple question or to send a text to help you make a big decision. One of my RG’s is actually my sister and another is one I work with on the Greek Week Leadership Team. They may seem intimidating but once you spend time and get to know them, you’ll always have a welcome face on each day of rush. They help answer any questions you may have, ease any conflicts (Zoom was a nightmare), and help you choose your houses at the end of the day. They found their homes and all they want is to find your homes too. Take advantage of the help you have and you may already have a potential sister within your reach!

  5. 5. It’s Okay To Be Nervous

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    I remember being nervous every day of Rush but talking with the girls helped calm my nervousness. Recruiters are also nervous! I remember being so nervous for my first recruitment (Spring COB ‘21) that I asked a potential new member the same question twice. It was embarrassing but we both laughed it off together. After the first couple of days, you’ll get the hang of it and find which house you’re most comfortable in. If you’re nervous about the conversation, don’t worry! The recruiters carry on the conversation and I was so thankful they did when I rushed because I was a nervous wreck. But as the conversations go on, you’ll start to feel comfortable and by the end, you’ll realize all your nerves are gone! During rush, nervousness eventually turns into excitement and you’ll question why you were nervous in the first place. Just remember you aren’t the only person going through rush and you're not alone. When recruiters ask how rush is going so far for you, they’re being genuine. Rush may be different for each girl but we felt the same way and they just want to know how you’re doing. It’s okay to tell them you're nervous and I even told recruiters that and they said they felt the same way too. That made me a bit more comfortable with the girl and even the house which you want to feel. Just remember to Keep Calm and Relax because it’ll be (hopefully) worth it in the end!


Hopefully these tips help you feel more prepared for recruitment season!