How to Make the Most Out of Your Break Days

This year's spring break looks a little different, but that’s okay! There are still some things you might be able to do. Here are a few ideas on how to make the most out of your break days!

  1. 1. Plan ahead

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    With a limited break, it might require a little bit more planning in order to do some of the things you’ve been looking forward to. Since the break is short, I recommend trying to plan out your work beforehand. This way, you will be able to completely disengage from school work during your days off. If there is some work that just simply cannot be avoided, try to limit the time as much as you possibly can!

  2. 2. Indulge in a hobby

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    We all have that one hobby that we absolutely love but never have the time for because of school! Use this time off as a way to completely indulge in the things you love. If you love painting, paint for hours! If you love reading, read as much as your heart desires. This is a great opportunity to spend a large amount of time on things you love, without feeling guilty or unproductive.

  3. 3. Get some sleep

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    Sometimes during the semester, especially mid-semester, our sleep schedules get a little messed up. That’s okay because now we have the time to try to fix it! Maybe it’s time to take a nap or sleep in.

  4. 4. Catch up on past work

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    Maybe instead of planning ahead to have no work, you can catch up on past assignments or get ahead in your classes. This might not necessarily be fun, but your future self might thank you! Getting ahead could decrease some of the stress you’ll feel in the future, as well as create more free time.

  5. 5. Reach out to friends and family

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    School can be very consuming. It can drain you mentally and leave you without the energy for communicating with people you care about. Using your time off as a way to reach out to these people and reconnect, might make you feel happier and less stressed!

While it’s disappointing that some college students aren’t getting a week off for spring break this year, we can still try to make the most of it!