How to Find a Hayride Date 

Since we’re right in the midst of the best time of year, there are a couple events almost every MSU student will be attending around this time: apple orchard trips, halloween parties, and more. One of the most exciting and talked-about events of the month is hayride. There are many aspects to consider, from how to paint your jug to what songs to add to the playlist. The most stressful aspect for many is who they’re going to take— so here are some suggestions to help you figure it out. 


Ask a Friend

There is absolutely no shame in bringing one of your best girlfriends and having a great time! Many think that a date has to be a significant other or someone you’re interested in, but that’s not true. Tons of people just bring their friends, and it can be equally as fun as bringing a s/o. For one, you already know you guys always have a great time together. 


Get Set Up!

Turn to the people who know you best and ask for help— someone will be able to find you a fun date. It’s a perfect time to meet a potential new interest since it’s in a casual, fun setting with none of the pressure of awkward first dates. Plus, if you don’t click in that way, you’ve met a new person who is already friends with your friend. 

Use a Dating App! 

Around this time of year, half the Tinder bios you’ll see will say “looking for a hayride date!” This is because it’s a super common way to find a date— everyone wants to go on a hayride so there will be tons of people lining up to volunteer. Plus, sometimes you can end up on two hayrides if you guys help each other out and be each other’s dates for both! 


Ask Someone In Person 

Finally, this is the most bold option: meet someone in real life and simply ask them! Go to a party and spend some time talking to people, or ask the guy who sits next to you in class everyday. Either way, you’ve already met them and have gotten over the first hurdle of clicking with them. 


All in all, no matter who you take, hayride is a fun time and finding a date shouldn’t cause you any stress. Whether you go with a friend or find the perfect guy on Tinder, the point is to have a great time with whatever club you’re a part of, and anyone you take will fit right in with that.