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How to Cure Bridgerton Fever

Netflix’s new series, Bridgerton, has left many viewers (including myself) in awe over the adventures, lust, secrets, and sparkly ball gowns that filled the 1800’s. This new desire to be a lady, duchess, or queen has everyone struck with what seems to be  “Bridgerton fever”. So how do we cure this new found love of ours? In this article, we will explore four tactics to rid this stubborn Bridgerton fever or perhaps help it grow! 

Explore the Genre

This is not the first time Netflix has given us access to a period piece. One way to cure Bridgerton fever is to seek Netflix for similar shows/movies, this way you can drown out your new obsession with the entertainment of the same nature. Some shows that match the Bridgerton flavor are Reign, The Crown, Versailles, and Lady J. Watching shows and movies of the same style will feed your Bridgerton obsession and help to overcome it faster.

Adhere to the Wardrobe

While Bridgerton is filled with classic love tropes and scandal-seeking mothers, it also gives viewers a glimpse into the aesthetic that occupied the Regency Era. The Regency Era began around 1811 and ended in 1820 which places the show’s set two years into the era. A reason why you may have trouble closing out your Netflix browser is that you are too busy adoring the aesthetic and wondering why life does not resemble trips to the modist and regular balls. So, why not buy a gown, or better yet, make one! A classic Regency ball gown is characterized by its high waisted bodice, low and square necklines, and lightweight fabric that falls to the floor. What is a better way of curing Bridgerton fever than dressing up like the characters that we are in love with? Like seriously, we all saw Daphne’s white and gold dress, right? Playing dress-up might be reserved for “kids'' but if your Bridgerton fever has stayed this long then this may be necessary. Besides, just because the era is finished doesn’t mean we can’t take part in the fashion.

Double Dipping

How about we rewatch those drama-filled eight hours all over again with our friends? Luckily, there is a free Netflix party extension that allows friends to watch the same content while chatting. With everything being online these days, why not set up a Netflix binge session. This can easily turn into a fun night in, especially since the Netflix party extension has no group limit.  At this point, Netflix might as well pay us for our endorsement! However, sharing your new obsession will allow you to create your own Bridgerton fan club to gossip about Simon and Daphne’s complicated relationship. 


At this point, the Bridgerton fever may be incurable and that is alright! Luckily, the Netflix series is based on Julia Quinn’s book series: The Bridgerton Series. Each book focuses on one Bridgerton child as there are eight books total. The book that started it all is titled The Duke and I, which highlights Daphne’s quest for love. The second book: The Viscount Who Loved Me focuses on Daphne’s older brother, Anthony Bridgerton. Since the first season is based on the first book we can only assume that this will be the same for the upcoming season. If you find yourself wanting some more of that jaw-dropping Bridgerton family drama, I recommend continuing the story for yourself through Julia Quinn’s series. 

Even after all these tips, Bridgerton fever may be stuck with us forever. But do not worry, because Bridgerton has been officially renewed for a second season! Will Siena and Anthony finally get together? What about Colin and Penelope? Will Daphne and Simon’s family grow? I guess it is time to “patiently” wait for our favorite characters to be back on screen. 

Hi all! I hoped you enjoyed the article. My major is human biology as I hope to become an OBGYN in the future. When I am not at work or busy with school I like to spend my time watching Netflix and going to the same three stores in my hometown:).
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