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HCMSU’s Holiday Guide to Saving Money

It’s that time of year again – the holidays.
Perhaps better known as the time of year when we college girls have to stretch our pockets as far as possible in order to be the wonderful gift givers we try so hard to be.
Not to mention we have to remain warmly dressed, feed ourselves, and we would still like a social life.
Never fear! With the Her Campus holiday hook-up you might just keep your purse full as ever.
Holidays Celebration Savers –
Try a party at home instead of hitting the bars. Make it BYOB and avoid the pricey drink costs and cover at the bar.
Need to get out?
 Make sure to check out the East Lansing Bars Website before heading to Grand River or anywhere else. The website includes all specials and the best prices in the area so you can make the smartest bar choice.  
Another great resource for barhopping specials is MSU’s “The Black Sheep” bar grid.
Travel Savers –
If it’s the holiday travel that tends to suck up all your money – check out Student Universe or Cheap-O-Air for cheap student travel deals.
Present Savers –
Check out Amazon Student for great deals on presents. You can sign up using an .edu email to receive a free six-month membership to Amazon Prime. With Amazon Prime you can get two day shipping for free and release date delivery for many products.
Don’t forget that stores such as Walmart and Kmart offer layaway and stores such as Marshalls offer great prices on high-end designer presents.
Date Savers –
Have a great time with your sweetie on the cheap!
Go to a “Season of Light” showing at Abrams Planetarium on campus showing Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 p.m. and Sundays at 4:00pm for only $2.50!
Keep it a cheerful season no matter what your budget, and don’t forget to Sparty it up!

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