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“Happy Holidays” is not Offensive

It’s the holiday season, one of the happiest times of the year. Yet, some people still find it necessary to shove their religious beliefs in others’ faces. While Christmas is a widely recognized and commercialized holiday in America, it isn’t the only holiday! During the winter season, people celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, Las Posadas, Diwali, Kwanzaa and the Winter Solstice just to name a few of them.

These celebrations are important and recognized by millions of people in the United States alone. To say that Christmas is the most important to people in this nation is ignorant. Who are you to tell someone what they can and cannot celebrate?

Apparently, the current administration forgot that this is a secular nation without a state-endorsed religion because Trump isn’t having any of this other holiday business. President Trump repeatedly said on the campaign trail and in office that he was going to bring “Merry Christmas” back.

Firstly, previous presidents celebrated Christmas in the White House. Second of all, if someone doesn’t celebrate Christmas, they shouldn’t have to share their holiday spirit by saying “Merry Christmas.” Why is this a hard concept?

If a person doesn’t celebrate Christmas, they aren’t going to preach it.

It is absurd that people take offense to hearing “Happy Holidays.” If a person is being a kind human being and offering warm regards of the holiday season, then there shouldn’t be offense taken. Just say thank you.

I’m not saying that if you celebrate Christmas you shouldn’t say “Merry Christmas.” You do you. This is a nation where we have the privilege to follow any faith or lack thereof, so if you want to say “Merry Christmas,” that is your right. But do not take offense to someone saying “Happy Holidays.”

“Happy Holidays” is a general regard encompassing all festivities during the winter season. So stop being a buzzkill and keep your opinions to yourself. This is a happy time of year, it’s about time that as a nation we accept each other for our differences and celebrate them, rather than to dismiss them.

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