Halloween at MSU: Told by "Hocus Pocus"

Halloween on a college campus -- especially one with a party school reputation like MSU -- is bound to be a wild, spooky night. People flock to East Lansing from across the nation to celebrate the holiday, fully decked out in costumes ranging from pop culture representations to the infamously common black cat costume and many more.

This is Halloween as told by one of our most beloved Halloween cult classics: "Hocus Pocus."

The moment you put on your complete costume has never made you feel quite so sexy

Trying to remember where you left your phone is one of the most stressful parts of the night

When your friend gets a little too lit and all you can do is watch it happen (and hope they don’t fall off a table)

Waking up the next morning is probably the worst thing that has ever, and will ever, happen to you

Going out with your glammed-up girls, ready to take on the frat-fueled festivities, is ridiculously empowering

When a frat boy is complimenting your bedazzled costume masterpiece while wearing what is obviously a last-minute attempt at a punny costume and you have never been so unimpressed

When you’re trying to keep all the creepy guys away from you so you can focus on dancing with your friends

When you see someone wearing the exact same costume as you and you’re ready to curse them

There are people who will try to cramp your Halloween spirit

But you know deep down in your ghoulish soul that Halloween is a way of life

You’re already excited to do it all over again next year