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A Guide For the Busy Woman

We all know her, and if you are anything like my mom, you worry for her — the busy woman. You know, the one who misses meals amidst an abundance of responsibilities. The one who runs completely out of energy by the end of the day yet still wakes up early the next morning to do it all over again.

Although some people feed off of a busy lifestyle because it makes them feel active and productive, others may feel as if it takes a toll on their overall energy and state of mind.

To ensure you can stay a busy and working woman while also feeling like you have everything under control, follow this simple guide with a few tips to introduce that balance into your life.


1. Two Words: Meal Prep

The time spent preparing your weekly meals will be nothing compared to the ease of eating a pre-cooked meal. You can mix it up and make a variety of sides and entrees or make multiple portions of the same meal — it’s all about preference. This is a great idea if you are in college and have a difficult week coming up filled with homework, exams, work, extracurriculars and sports — or even if you just want to save yourself the hassle of cooking for a little while.


2. Find Time For a Short Nap

If possible, try to squeeze a 20 minute nap into your days. Experts say a nap less than 10 minutes will not be long enough to rejuvenate a person while naps exceeding 20 minutes leave one feeling sluggish afterwards. Especially for those who wake up early, a day can go by very slowly and eventually, the tiredness will kick in. A 20 minute nap is perfect for providing a quick jolt of alertness.


3. Always Carry a Planner

Planners make life so much more simple. With a busy schedule, it is quite easy to forget things like meetings, events and deadlines. A planner is essential for those who have multiple obligations and need a space to keep track of it all. Planners can be so fun to buy because of the many different designs and once you begin to use it, you will be hooked on it.


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