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Gabe Foster

Name: Gabe Foster

Hometown: Berrien Springs, MI

Major: Accounting

Relationship Status: Single

Fun Facts

Celeb Crush: Jessica Alba

What do you look for in a girl: Great personality and outgoing

Something you can’t live without: My puppy Sadie

Favorite pick-up line: Don’t have one, I’m original

Coolest thing you did this summer: Saw Rodney Atkins

Something on your bucket list: Go to every Big Ten campus

10 years from now: Hopefully working as a CPA for a big 4 accounting firm


MSU Life

Campus Activities: Shaw Senate

Best Class: Accounting

Least Favorite Class: ISS 305

Coolest Professor: Dr. B

Favorite hangout: Cafe

Favorite place to eat: Noodles and Co. Duh!

Favorite place to study: Law Library

Favorite MSU memory: Basketball vs. Michigan (Berlin Beat Down) when we were beating them by 30 and I was in front row.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/Grfoster87


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