Everything Cliché and Overrated About Valentine’s Day


Of all the beautiful flowers out there, how did the rose get to have an entire romantic holiday of its own? And $50-$100 for a bouquet? There goes a college student’s ENTIRE Valentine’s Day budget.There are so many more beautiful flowers out there to brighten a girl’s day; not mention, so many other flowers that are actually fragrant! Peonies, gardenias, jasmine, lilacs, lilies, or if one has to have roses, at least get wild roses! Even more outrageous is the amount of money spent on something that only lasts a few days. Why not go for orchids - stunningly beautiful and flowers that can last for years? That way, she has something beautiful to look at every day that reminds her of you. A rose by any other name... is still just a rose. #SoBasic


Teddy Bears

Valentine’s Day teddies are the definition of cheesy. What is a sophisticated adult woman supposed to do with a teddy bear? While some might actually keep the teddy you buy them, most of these bears will end up at Goodwill or the local dump. Don’t even get me started on the endless number of cheesy phrases that are usually put on these bears…

Scented Lotion

No matter what your partner tells you, the majority of us actually HATE sweet and floral scented lotions. So ladies, put away your vanilla and sweet pea lotion and opt for something for spicy and sexy. And please NEVER go for the glitter lotion, no one wants to go home looking like they just played dress-up with a group of five-year-olds. Even Kevin Hart expresses his resentment of glitter lotion in his stand up, Let Me Explain: “The reason why I got glitter lotion on my face, it’s because you use that cheap-a** glitter lotion on your a**.”


Romantic Movies

I have to be honest, I can’t say that ALL men hate romantic movies, as I have met my fair share of guys that love The Notebook, but these men are exceptions to the rule. Most men tend to prefer comedies or action films, NOT “chick-flicks.” There are even some ladies who hate sappy movies, even on Valentine’s Day. So vouch for something you will both like. Save the chick-flicks for you and your girlfriends!



Yes, most of us love lingerie. But when your lingerie is impossibly complicated and a challenge to get off, your partner is just going to get frustrated. Not to mention, if you have one of those candy thongs up your butt, or any other strange form of lingerie for that matter, it will only be a turn-off for your partner. Watch this video of men trying out Valentine's Day lingerie.



...There is actually NOTHING overrated about chocolate. We love it in all forms, anytime, anyday! Especially during that time of the month when our only thought is “I want chocolate, and I want it now!”