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Name: Erin Ridenour

Major: Undeclared, Animal Science Intent

Hometown: Marcellus, Michigan


What is your major and how did you pick it? 

Technically, I haven’t declared a major. I’m undecided right now, but I’m planning on declaring an Animal Science major to go into Pre-Vet. What really led me into this path in life was all of my 4H experience. The chance to participate in the program has sparked a deep love for animals. 


Do you currently have relevant experience with animals? 

Oh definitely! I’m very much still involved in the 4H program through the county fair. Each year I show chickens, cows, and rabbits. Another experience would probably include my job. For the last year and a half, I’ve been working at what I call a doggie daycare. I also live on a 40-acre farm. We mostly have poultry. We have a rabbit too. Between January and August, we have cattle for show. Other than those types of animals, I have pets like cats, dogs, and some fish. 


What do you like most about being a pre-vet major?

I feel like the thing I like most about my major is that it’s what I want for my future. I’ve always enjoyed science, and the classes have gone fairly well, but it’s knowing that I’ll be doing what I love. With an animal science major, I know that a life surrounded by animals is possible. 


Do you have any specific plans for post-graduation?

I would really like to move back home and begin working at a clinic. I love working at the animal daycare, but I am excited to start building my dream of opening a rehabilitation center for wildlife. That’s what I plan to do with the animal science major. It would be great to start out working at a clinic before I can build my own.


Not related to your major, how has your first year going? Is it how you imagined?

Well, I think my first year is going exactly how I expected. I’ve slowly gotten into the swing of things: living away from home and being introduced to city life. I’ve made a lot of friends and have been discovering myself along the way. It’s been just as great as I imagined it to be. 


Do you have any advice for incoming freshmen?

The greatest piece of advice I could give is not to dwell on their hometown. Don’t keep going back to school events or reminisce about things you can’t change. If they dwell, they won’t ever move on. They’ll be stuck in the past and they won’t enjoy their time at MSU as much as they could.


Last question. What is the best place to eat?

This is kind of random because it isn’t a dining hall, but Taco Bell. Honestly, it’s been great. I’m currently an eight-minute walk from the fast food place, meaning it’s close to the dorm. It’s also better than the dorms because it gives me a chance to change it up a bit— I can go out and have fun with friends. I definitely prefer going out over the dining halls, just because it’s a change from the routine.


Katherine (Katie) Franklin is in her freshman year of university, working towards a degree in English. After graduation, Katie would like to begin her journey into a successful writing career. She specializes in advice columns and creative fiction pieces, but loves writing anything and everything in between. She regularly practices her technique and writes daily to explore literary ideas. As a strong believer in the power of the creative mind, Katie branches out to experience any new, fun, or enlightening activities that can make a positive influence on her work. While an avid writer and reader, she can also be found trying new food at hole-in-the-wall places and volunteering at animal shelters.
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