Dwayne LaGrone, '20

Name: Dwayne LaGrone

Year: Sophomore

Major: Advertising

Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Have you joined anything in your time at MSU and if so, how has it influenced your experience here?

Fall semester of my sophomore year I joined the rowing club, it’s been quite a changing experience. I didn't play any sports in high school so I was nervous to join such a difficult one my first time around. I’m glad i stepped out of my comfort zone; going to a school as big as MSU it's easy to feel lost, joining a club gives you a sense of community.  I’ve become pretty close to my teammates and my body is snatched now so that's a plus.

What advice do you have for freshmen who come in without knowing their major preference?

There is nothing wrong with being undecided especially during freshman year. You learn a lot about yourself during that first year, so it's typical for majors to change. I’ve changed my major three times since freshman year. I’d say it's best to wait it out, especially if you are unsure on what you want to do.

What difficulties do you run into being both an athlete and a student?

When I first started I expected not to have enough time for homework, but since my practice schedule is consistent I can plan out time to do it. The biggest issue now is I want to get more involved on campus by joining more clubs but with such a demanding schedule I dont really have time for it.  

As you have heard, our president has resigned and the school is currently on a search for a replacement. What do you look for in this new leader?

Someone that is inclusive to every person on this campus and who listens to the needs of ALL students. Michigan State has become a corporation more than a university. It is important for the Board of Trustees to become transparent in the decisions they make at all times, not just when there is scrutiny from the media. We need someone who is willing to move us in the right direction and who is willing to stand up and represent us as a student body and not just for political gain.

If you could star alongside any actor/actress in a movie, who would it be?

If I had to choose, it would be Angelina Jolie. She’s such a badass and I’ve admired her my whole life. I wouldn't care too much about the movie, just being able to pick her brain would be all I needed. But if I did have a choice on the film, we would make a sequel to ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith.’

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor and why?

Playdough -- it combines two of my favorite ice cream flavors, cookie dough and blue moon. It takes me back to when I would go to the ice cream shop in the summer with my parents.. Plus, it’s exclusively Michigan.