A Different View on Life

Photography is about writing a story through photographs. It has the ability to bring a story full circle through the ideas of the human brain. There are many different things you can do with a single camera, and various techniques one can implement to create a different story— or set a different tone to the story. 

Being able to go outside and spend time with close friends while capturing the world from a different angle is the best thing that one could do. You are able to see not only your world, but also a planet in a solar system or a dot in our universe at a close angle. It is an amazing experience to be able to interact with such beauty.

Photography captivates me— it gives me the ability to express myself in different ways. I can tell an entire story through a single image. By adding more images to a so-called “collection,” it brightens the story and can show more in-depth details about the story. 

My family and I travel around the country frequently. Through photography, I am able to show extended family members my experiences. This is how I originally sparked an interest in photography. I enjoy capturing memories that we make on our trips and putting them on paper, so even the smallest details that we may not remember in the distant future will be saved.

One person that inspires me is a photographer named Brandon Woelfel from New York, New York. He creates so much variety in one picture that it can be shocking to a human eye. Brandon Woelfel is able to create such beauty in his pictures: he can express an idea, tell a story, and have a final product that has a very strong meaning.

Photography provides people with an opportunity to capture memories and express themselves creatively. Don't we all deserve to notice a little more beauty in the world?