The Day We Found Out

Feb. 26, 2019

It started off as a normal Tuesday, everyone woke up rushed around the house and headed out to work and school.

School was actually really great that day! I couldn’t tell you why, it just felt like a good day.

I had a great smoothie for breakfast, and an even better lunch packed. 

After I had lunch I headed into work for the day. 

Before I arrived at work I received a text from my dad asking me to pick up my brother from school. 

That may not seem weird to most people, however it is super weird when your dad works midnights. He should not be awake at 11:30 p.m.

Every single day I park in the same spot; one spot down from my mom, who parks in front of the light post. 

When I pulled in I noticed her car wasn't there, so I called her to find out where she was.

She said she had a meeting at the bank, which I thought was weird considering she always told me when she wouldn't be at work.

I go into work and head to the infant room to see my babies. 

Everyone seemed to be overly pleasant which confused me, however I just thought it was one of those happy days for everyone.

I finished breaking the two teachers in the room and they tell me I am able to go home... That was confusing because I never go home that early. 

Truth be told they didn't want me to see my mom. They knew something that I didn't know. 

I didn't really think much of anything all day and continued on with my day.

I had dance practice starting at 4 p.m. that day due to it being the week of competition.

I had a blast at dance we were all so excited. 

After practice I get in my car to head home. I always call my mom on my way home. 

This phone call she seemed really short and tired, but I just went with it she was “in a meeting all day.” 

I pull in the garage and head inside. 

Right before I head up stairs my mom says, “Bri can I talk to you for a second?” 

I thought I was in trouble, but I didn't know what for.

The second I sit down I know something was wrong.

She told me my Nana was diagnosed with Breast Cancer earlier that day.

It was so unexpected.

I started sobbing. I didn't know how to react. This was so surreal. I felt like I was trapped in a nightmare and couldn't wake up. Truth is, this was real life. 

Everything finally connected. 

My mom wasn't at a meeting all day, she was with my nana and papa talking to them about the news. 

My dad was awake because he had to go and comfort my mom.

She seemed so exhausted on the phone because she had been crying all day. 

Finally they sent me home from work early so I wouldn't find out without being at home with my family.

They were telling my brother later the night after he came home from practice. 

I was trying to stay awake so I could be there for him, however, I ended up crying myself to sleep. 

The day we found out was reckless. 

I felt so many emotions in such little time. 

To describe how I felt on the day we found out in one word it would be PARALYZED. 

My body froze; it felt like the earth was spinning around me as I just sit there in disbelief, hoping to wake up from an awful nightmare.

That was the story from the day we found out.