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Brianna Kusch ’14

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

Name: Brianna Kusch

Hometown: Pleasant Lake, MI

Major: Packaging

Year: Senior

Relationship Status: In a relationship (sorrry ;) )

Fun Fact About You: I just learned how to whistle this summer

Favorite Song: Super official by Hilltop Hoods

Favorite Food: Ice cream!

Celeb Crush: Scarlett Johansson and Josh Duhamel

Dream Job: Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavor tester

Favorite Place on Campus: The MSU gardens

Least Favorite Class: MATH (every one that I’ve taken)

Qualities you Look for in a Guy: Brains (obviously) and humor

Worst Pick-up Line: (I’m a lifeguard, so I’ve heard this one numerous times haha) “oh baby you can save my life and give me mouth to mouth ANY time “

First Thing you Notice About a Guy: Smile

Alena Davis is a senior journalism major at MSU and co-campus correspondent for HCMSU. She hopes to pursue a career in magazines based in New York or Chicago. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, Instagramming and excursioning with friends. Follow her on Twitter: @alenaadavis & Instagram: @alenadavis