Brandon Zach '14

Name: Brandon Zach

Hometown: Troy, MI

Major: Advertising, Creative

Relationship Status: Single


Celeb Crush: Olivia Wilde

What do you look for in a girl? A beautiful smile

Something you can’t live without: My iPod

Favorite pick-up line: I have a magic watch that says you’re not wearing any underwear. Oh, you are? Well it’s 15 minutes fast.

Coolest thing you did this past summer: Went camping at some rachet campsite near Ludington with some friends. We made the best of it.

Something on your bucket list: Travel to Europe

10 years from now: I’ll be working at an ad agency in the creative department making ads, hopefully as creative director.



Campus Activities: MSU Advertising Association, Spartan International Advertising Association, and Telecasters.

Coolest Professor: Amy Hagerstrom

Favorite hangout: PTs

Favorite place to eat: Conrads Grill

Where can we most likely find you? Comm Arts Building



Most Awkward Date Moment: I got set up on this date one time and this girl was not at all my type but she was very into me and I didn’t want to lead her on. So when we sat next to each other at the movies and I just tried to watch the movie the whole time.

Ideal Date: chill date with pizza, beer/wine and netflix

Deal Breaker: Jealous

Qualities you look for: Someone who laughs at my bad jokes, is smart, witty, and has a good sense of humor.