It is all I see

On the streets

On the roads

On the news

But why?

Why is it that everywhere I look I see nothing but that dark shade?

A color that no matter how many times you paint over, it still reminds

It cannot be controlled

It cannot be erased

And it is simply unchangeable, but... 

It can be judged

It can be defiled

And it is stigmatized

A color

Though we are all familiar with its presences, ever since we were little and received our first nick or cut-seeing the tiny drips individually splash on the ground into small puddles of blood

Some of us fainted

Others averted our eyes

Yet one of us was brave enough to stand and take the initiative to patch up the mark

The color can make us forget or realize how familiar we are

On the inside, we share the same shade, but the world views us as different on the outside because of a different color

Black is Black and White is White

We are different

There is no Grey

Race is embedded to make us think we are separate, but...

It shouldn’t define us

The color of our skin does not compare to what runs through our system

We both bleed the same color

We both bleed the same color