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I’m staring at my dorm’s blank walls as I write this piece. It feels terribly empty without all my wall adornments: the tapestries, photos, and other miscellaneous objects I had taped to my wall throughout this semester. If there is one thing you should know about me, though, it is that I try to find symbolism in everything (yes, just like an English teacher). After staring at the beige walls for longer than I’ll admit, I found the hidden symbolism that made sense for me.

This was my first semester on campus, and I was excited to be here because I would get a fresh start. No one knew me here and no one had any previous expectations about me. I was free to create a new me. A blank canvas if you will. Throughout my several months in East Lansing, I made new friends and splendid memories. I became a more thoughtful person, a better listener, and a better friend. 

When I walked into my dorm for the first time, the blank walls echoed a similar statement: you have the power to redo this space and make it your own. And so I covered my blank walls with everything you could imagine, remaking this space into a home. 

I guess these blank walls reminded me of my fresh start, a beginning to an endless adventure. College has been fun, but I’m definitely ready to head back home and finish up the semester. I can’t wait to see the blank, beige walls in my dorm next semester. I wonder what I’ll decorate them with. 

A Michigan State University student by day, an 8-hour sleeper by night Aditi would best describe herself as a "rather simple enigma." As she embarks on her college journey, Aditi cherishes the simple things in life: a cup of coffee, some pastel post-it notes, and her ever-growing succulent.
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