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The Benefits of Creating Art During Quarantine

After months of quarantining during this pandemic, one can understand how you can go a little crazy. While taking online classes through Michigan State and interacting with the few people in my quarantine bubble, I was feeling sluggish and honestly just tired with my daily routine.

My younger self was so into art and even though I still love painting and drawing, I never found the time for it as I grew older. My roommates had brought paints and canvases with them when moving in and as I painted my first canvas, I realized how much I missed creating and the feeling it gives me. The benefits of creating art can be beneficial to anyone – especially during tough times. 

Feeling good

Creating art increases your dopamine levels and releases good hormones. It can transform your mood and mind.

Reducing stress

Taking a break from news and current events is beneficial to your mental health and art can be used to unleash emotions while also focusing your attention on something more calming.  

Strengthens memory

Art helps your brain absorb more information as well as retaining that information more easily. It also maximizes your ability to focus and problem solve.

Increases self-respect and self-worth

When you finish creating a piece it makes you feel accomplished. Art has no wrong or right way of being made so, there isn’t pressure or fear of doing it wrong. Creating something original that you can share to the world is a rewarding feeling. 

Easy to do it anywhere

Even if I can’t carry art supplies around, the procreate app on my iPad is my portable creative outlet. Like me, you can find a scrap of paper anywhere to doodle on. 

I know that after the pandemic is over, I will make an effort in continuing to make time for art in my schedule. I started posting some pieces on an Instagram art account that I spontaneously created (Follow @mcheeti.art!). 

Meghana Cheeti is studying Supply Chain Management at Michigan State University. In her free time she loves to draw/paint and read books!
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