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It’s towards the end of the year where Christmas and the New Year are right around the corner. It has most definitely not been the best or the greatest year, but we all have to keep our heads held high and believe that it’s only temporary. I felt inspired to create a poem about this year to express the past memories of this emotional rollercoaster we all have been on:


January’s ponders met February’s wonders that drove March into an ultimate confusion,

April realizes that May’s surprise was not a horrible prank or illusion,

June assumes that since the flowers bloomed July warm weather will make it better, 

August resists to the beauty of this and tells September to go grab a sweater

October’s terrors were a complete error compared to the November elections being perceived

December fears of the next new year should be filled with hope for all who truly believe.


Growing up as a kid, Christmas movies were one of the best things to watch on TV. My all time favorite Christmas movie is The Polar Express. The reason why out of the many Christmas movies I’ve drawn attachment to this particular one is because of the hidden lessons that are present throughout the film. Every year when I would watch The Polar Express, I would always take something different from it each time. As a young child, I’ve learned that the true meaning of friendship can be shared with the people and things you least expect it to be with. As a teen, I’ve learned that those imaginary moments that come and go in our lives represent a piece of childhood that is still within us. As a young adult I’ve learned that you’re never too old or too young to believe. Believe that there is good in others, believe that there is always hope, and most importantly, believe in yourself, your capabilities, and your ability to achieve the unimaginable. 

All you have to do is Believe. 

Happy Holidays from my family to yours!

Kailah is a third-year student pursuing a B.S. in Neuroscience and minor in Cognitive Science at Michigan State University. She is obsessed with learning about the creation of earth science and the formation of health science. She has a passion for creating music compositions and performing on a variety of instruments. In her free time, she enjoys self-teaching herself how to play music arrangements on the piano, guitar, and the violin. Kailah gets her inspiration from watching many TV/Movie genres and enjoy playing video games. She also adores writing genuine articles and remarkable poetry that many individuals can relate to.
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