Being a Starbucks Barista: Spilling the Beans

After only working at Starbucks for a month so far, I have learned a lot about not only the drinks but secrets that everyone should know before they order at Starbucks!

My day usually starts at 4:30 in the morning since we open at 5am. It sounds rough to wake up in the middle of the night to go to work but I love the morning shifts and having the rest of the day to myself. It is stressful and tiring—especially my training where I felt overwhelmed with all that I needed to know and do. My coworkers always make it easier by adding humor to a stressful situation but you become really accustomed to working quickly and under pressure to the point that you forget to be stressed. I love making drinks and I love being busy doing something I love!

P.S. My favorite drink is a Grande iced white mocha with 2 blonde espresso shots and a pump of cinnamon dolce and cinnamon sweat cream foam to top it off.

But enough about me—here are a few secrets and recommendations you should know!

  1. If a barista gets your drink wrong, don’t be afraid to tell them to remake it! Next time, just make sure the drink is right at the register so it doesn’t waste your time and the baristas. 

  2. Any normal espresso drink that you can order can be substituted with blonde shots. It is sweeter and technically has more caffeine than a regular espresso shot. 

  3. If you are planning to drink your hot beverage immediately try ordering your drink at “kids temperature,” so that it won’t  burn your tongue when you take a sip!

  4. The Starbucks app will tell you what exactly is in your drink so that you know what to expect—especially if you are trying something new. 

  5. Starbucks grinds beans for you! Just ask them next time when you purchase a blend from the store.

  6. We brew new coffee every 8 minutes so if you want the freshest coffee get drip coffee (comes in blonde, dark, and pike).

  7. Be aware that the sandwiches and pastries are just warmed up and come to our store frozen.

  8. Don’t ask for extra syrup—trust me, a lot of syrup goes into our sweet drinks already. 

  9. Don’t be afraid to customize our drinks and don’t be afraid to ask for special instructions—everyone has a different taste preference.