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Alyssa Kobylarek ’14

Name: Alyssa Kobylarek

Graduation Year: 2014

Major: Journalism

Hometown: Novi, MI

Relationship status: In a relationship

Ideal date: The classic dinner and a movie!

Favorite pickup line: I’m not one for pick up lines, but my boyfriend, before we were dating, used “Do you have any Italian in you? No? Do you want some?” It was not funny at the time, but I’ll have to admit it was clever.

First thing you notice on a guy: Eyes

Most embarrassing moment: I used to swim in grade school, but could not dive to save my life. I attended my first swim meet and attempted to dive in, but it just looked like a dog jumping into a pool. I faked sick the next day because I didn’t want my dad to see me.

Favorite thing about campus: I love how beautiful the campus gets in the fall.  

Best MSU memory: Meeting some amazing friends!

Biggest pet peeve: Loud chewing.

Hobbies: Photography, drawing, reading

After college: I want to be a photographer for a magazine or a photo studio. My dream job would be a nature photographer for National Geographic.

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