Advice on How to Get Over Someone you Never Dated

We’ve all had that one person who we never “technically” dated, but basically did. Whether it's a random hookup every Saturday night or dinner dates every so often, we go through the motions of “what are we?” While many of these connections can turn into long-term relationships – others can fall out. Fall outs can be due to many unknown reasons that can leave us heartbroken. Getting caught up in our emotions can cause a lack of rational thinking. That's why it's important to understand how to manage losing someone you never dated. 

Distancing Yourself: 

Please don’t be the crazy ex who drives past this person’s house to see what they’re doing. Distancing yourself often is the best medicine to getting over someone you never dated. This doesn’t mean unfollowing them on every social media account or ignoring their presence at school — but boundaries need to be set. Make time for yourself and understand your healing process. Don't rush this, we all overcome things at different paces. 

Stay Busy: 

Staying busy doesn’t mean eating ice cream out of the container ‘till 4 A.M. Staying busy means making plans with your friends, going to the gym  and doing anything to better yourself. A good way to stay busy is to keep a calendar. Plan out your week and stay productive.

You Have Options: 

I know it seems like the end of the world, but remember there are 7 billion out there waiting for someone like you. You always have options — don't think you don’t. Getting over someone you never dated can be confusing, frustrating and mostly upsetting. Understand that there's always a reason why it didn't work out. Find someone who is invested in you, just as much as you are with them! 

Stop Blaming it on Bad Timing: 

Telling yourself it was the timing can give false hope for the future. Take time to understand what happened and why it happened. Writing down a list of things you didn’t like about this person can be beneficial for your next relationship. The term “bad timing,” often has underlying meaning such as being emotionally unavailable, afraid of commitment, etc. Trust that this person wasn’t right for you and that someone better will come along.