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Landscape of trees and rainforest in Manaus, Brazil
Landscape of trees and rainforest in Manaus, Brazil
Original photo by Renata Daou
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If I were to tell you a story, would you believe me? There are some things in this life that are unexplainable, and sometimes the realest things in the world are the things we cannot see. The story that I am going to share with you is true and may be interpreted in different ways depending on your beliefs. For some, they may feel overwhelmed or deny that it means anything. Others will understand it. This story has a deeper meaning – one that carries a significant message about life.

I was tossing and turning in my bed, trying to find a comfortable position to drift off to sleep. As I fell into a deep sleep, I began dreaming about a land filled with darkness. I was surrounded by other people who were also wandering around in this dark land, but we couldn’t see each other. All of a sudden, there was something like a shooting star crashing down onto the surface of the land that surrounded us. 

“Let there be light,” it said. And that is what it had done. During this astonishing moment, there were pieces of twinkling lights bouncing off of the ground, extinguishing the darkness that had entrapped us from seeing the beauty that surrounded us. As the land around us came into the light, I found myself astonished by the breathtaking view.. 

There was a rainbow of colors that filled the land with beautiful flowers, plants, and crystal clear waters. The sky shone a bright ball of light beaming from behind the clouds, filled with vibrant colors that melded together like the most picturesque sunset. It was like we were in an ornate garden, but it looked nothing like any place on Earth. I looked around the flat landscape. There were bright colors everywhere I turned. There was no source of darkness to be found. Everyone was dressed in white clothing and we were all huddled together in a group. Then a man appeared to us in the midst of the land, but something told me that this being was merely taking the form of a man. He was dressed in a completely white toga. He had brown skin, dark brown eyes, a goatee, black locs tied back in a ponytail, and he was built like a warrior. The man looked at the group of us and started telling stories from the Bible. He was the teacher and we were his students. He went into great detail about some of the topics from the Bible, but then he came over to me and looked me in the eyes. I felt chills rush through my body, but I wasn’t afraid. I was shocked with admiration as we looked at each other. I started getting a familiar feeling and this sense of wonder that I knew who this being is was. I knew he was not just a man. 

I studied his face, as not to forget him. He handed me a clear pitcher of water, the liquid inside reflecting streaks of color. He held out his hand. I drank from the pitcher, and the man requested me to rinse his left hand with the water. I did as I was told, and as soon as I touched the man’s hand to rinse it with the water, I could feel the warmth and the strength from the veins in his left hand. He then took the pitcher from me and rinsed his other hand. The others in the group watched the man as he retrieved a bowl that was filled to the top with some kind of liquid. The liquid seemed to glow with a mixture of many colors, but bronze was the most noticeable. The man came back to me, reaching for my left hand and taking my index finger to the bowl. 

As soon as my finger touched the bronze liquid, a pathway to a magnificent tree with branches draped over one another appeared in the midst of the land. Its leaves were colorful, but a pinkish-lavender hue stuck out the most. I would like to describe it as the Tree of Life. Many other trees that carried fruit had appeared in the land as well. All of the students were amazed and we all looked around to see the land changing as if it were the Garden of Eden. We were then told that we were allowed to eat the fruit from the trees. I was given a fruit that looked like a mix between a grape and dark, pale, purple berry. As I bit into the fruit, the delicious taste surprised me; it was a chocolatey taste with a berry-like aftertaste. 

The students were enjoying their time in this beautiful land and the fruit the man gave to us. When it was time to go, the man led us to an expanse of land with a tall roof andwhite stone pillars to support it. In the center of the room, there was a portal-like structure with clouds hovering the surface. It was as if you’re looking downward into a well or looking at a reflection of yourself in water. Just by looking at it, you could tell it was deep. Not wanting to leave this beautiful land, each student went one by one through the cloud-like portal as they said their goodbyes. I was the last to go, but before I went through the cloud-like portal, I looked over to see the land and the sky for one last time. The watercolor sky blended with all kinds of colors.. It was like looking at a beautiful pastel painting with its ivory white clouds hovering over a ball of light brighter than any known star. Looking at what I assumed to be this realm’s sun, I took one last breath. 

“Goodbye, God.” I said.

 I stepped through the portal too, and I woke up.

I had this dream on January 17, 2022 and I will never forget the message that enlightened me. The message of my dream breathed a new life into me. It told me to cleanse my soul. When I had drank from the pitcher of water and cleansed the man’s hands with the same water, it was a parable of what the water was doing for the both of us. It was cleansing us. The message persisted about telling me to “change your ways.” This part of the message was discovered by a parable about the formation of the Tree of Life. Every season, a tree loses its leaves and grows new ones. This makes it discover the concept of change. When the male figure took my hand and dipped my finger into a bowl of colorful bronze liquid, the tree was formed. It was acknowledging the fact that there is a need for change in order to seek the gift of eternal life from God.

Kailah is a fourth-year student pursuing a B.S. in Neuroscience and minor in Cognitive Science at Michigan State University. She is obsessed with learning about the creation of earth science and the formation of health science. She has a passion for creating music compositions and performing on a variety of instruments. In her free time, she enjoys self-teaching herself how to play music arrangements on the piano, guitar, and the violin. Kailah gets her inspiration from watching many TV/Movie genres and enjoy playing video games. She also adores writing genuine articles and remarkable poetry that many individuals can relate to.