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9 Ways to Cope with MSU Football This Season

1. Tailgate like there’s no tomorrow.

When football fails you, always remember that Spartan tailgates are still the best tailgates. (#GetTurnt)


2. Come to the game prepared with tissues and a punching bag.

It’s going to be difficult to keep your emotions in check. MSU has the tendency to lure you into a false sense of security during the first half of the game, right before they start fumbling. Keep some resources on hand to aid you in your sadness and frustration to better cope with the unfortunate reality that the Spartans are no longer the powerhouse they once were.


3. Pretend the game isn’t actually happening.

Sometimes, it’s just easiest to act as if nothing is real. Take a break, get some food and if a family member or friend who roots for the opposing team starts talking trash, tell them you have no idea what they’re talking about. Just pretend that MSU is winning.


4. Make it your goal to get onto the big screen and become famous.

You don’t even have to focus on the game anymore. Searching the stands for that camera person who will make you famous is enough to keep you occupied for a few hours.


5. Drown your sorrows in dessert.

If there’s anything positive about losing a game 30-6, it’s that you have a legitimate excuse to stuff yourself with sugar at the caf afterwards. There’s really no better time than when you have just been ruthlessly squashed by your opponent. You deserve to make yourself feel better in the form of unhealthy eating.


6. Look forward to basketball.

When you’re good at any other sport, you’ve got to take advantage of it.


7. Cry into your pillow.

For when all else fails…


8. Make fun of your own team for being so terrible.

Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself.


9. Remember, even though they’re better at football now, we still rule over U-Mich any day.

’Nuff said.  

Bekkah Baldwin is a sophomore at Michigan State University and is still undeclared but thinking about majoring in Neuroscience or Psychology with a minor in German. She loves to write, loves her school, and loves the idea of giving young women an outlet for their voices to be heard. So HerCampus seemed like the perfect place for her. When she's not busy studying, she enjoys being the goofy person she is with her friends and watching Netflix (because who doesn't). Her favorite shows include Friends, Gilmore Girls, Parks and Rec and One Tree Hill. Reading is another hobby, as is writing the occasional FanFiction for some of her favorite 80s movies. During summer breaks she works at the movie theatre in her hometown, one of her favorite places in the world and finds herself eating popcorn and drinking slushies all day. She works as a tour guide at MSU and has never stopped being excited about having the opportunity to show off her awesome school. She's 50% German and tends to visit family in Europe once a year. She wants to study abroad for sure and travel the world long after her college days are over. College was a wonderful transition, a place where she instantly felt she belonged and found her best friends, and she can't wait to see what this year as part of the HerCampus team will bring. Go Green!
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