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7 Times College Made Me More Thankful For My Mom

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

1. That time I barely made it to class

Alarm clocks suck – they’re loud, annoying and sometimes don’t go off in the first place. Being jerked awake by a blaring noise and having to drag yourself out of bed to get an average breakfast from the caf just doesn’t compare to waking up to the gentle sound of your mom’s voice and being fed a nice warm meal. Without your mom, there’s just no motivation to get to class.


2. That time I was struggling with roommate issues

t’s not easy having to adjust to living with a stranger, on top of having to adjust to college classes. Luckily, mom is always there to help you through the stressful times.


3. That time I started eating poorly

At first, all of the options at your college cafeteria are a beautiful sight to behold. Anything you can dream of, they probably have it. Unfortunately, the daily trips start getting boring and you realize that everything is pretty bland. You took mom’s delicious home-cooked meals for granted when you had them every day. Now you think about them all semester long and look forward to holidays – mostly because you want to see your family – but also because you’re eager to eat some real food again.


4. That time I ran out of my prescription

Whether it’s forgetting your jacket at home, needing a reminder about your assignment due on Thursday or running out of a prescription, mom is always looking out for you. You might not tell her enough, but she is pretty much the sole reason you have your life even remotely together, and you appreciate her immensely.


5. That time I didn’t want to make my own appointment

No one likes making appointments. They’re one part of adulthood that almost everyone dreads. Luckily, mom is there to help you out when you’re particularly dreading making the call. Unfortunately, you’ll have to face the reality of adulting soon enough, so enjoy the limited time your mom still agrees to do the hard stuff for you.


6. That time I had no motivation

Lacking motivation to get your project done or study for your exam? Just call up mom, and somehow you’ll end up feeling ready to tackle anything.


7. That time I just needed a friend

Life can get hard. It’s as simple as that. But mom is always there to comfort you and let you know she’ll always be there for you. Remember, moms are your real best friends. This holiday season, make sure she knows how much she means to you.

Bekkah Baldwin is a sophomore at Michigan State University and is still undeclared but thinking about majoring in Neuroscience or Psychology with a minor in German. She loves to write, loves her school, and loves the idea of giving young women an outlet for their voices to be heard. So HerCampus seemed like the perfect place for her. When she's not busy studying, she enjoys being the goofy person she is with her friends and watching Netflix (because who doesn't). Her favorite shows include Friends, Gilmore Girls, Parks and Rec and One Tree Hill. Reading is another hobby, as is writing the occasional FanFiction for some of her favorite 80s movies. During summer breaks she works at the movie theatre in her hometown, one of her favorite places in the world and finds herself eating popcorn and drinking slushies all day. She works as a tour guide at MSU and has never stopped being excited about having the opportunity to show off her awesome school. She's 50% German and tends to visit family in Europe once a year. She wants to study abroad for sure and travel the world long after her college days are over. College was a wonderful transition, a place where she instantly felt she belonged and found her best friends, and she can't wait to see what this year as part of the HerCampus team will bring. Go Green!
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