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7 Things I’m Looking Forward to Experiencing at MSU

Myself and many other freshmen across the globe have unfortunately had our iconic first semester of the freshman year snatched from us like stealing candy from a baby. However, with the hope of Michigan State reopening to us in the Spring, let’s visit my list of the top things I’m looking forward to experiencing at MSU.

Trying All The Food Places

With there being many options from The Peanut Barrel Restaurant to The Cold Stone Creamery, there’s different options for anyone to enjoy! I’m definitely the most excited for Sparty’s and eating in the dining halls.

Living in a Dorm

For as long as I could remember, I’ve always wanted to live in a dorm. Just being able to decorate half of the space(or less depending on if you have more than one roommate) has always sounded magical. Plus, being on my own for the first time sounds like an exciting adventure!

Figuring Out My Way Around

Yes, it probably does sound kind of crazy looking forward to being lost initially on campus. But when that moment comes where you finally don’t need the MSU map just to find your class; I’m sure it’ll be well worth it.

Joining More Clubs

While I’ve been lucky so far to have had the chances of interacting with a few of MSU’s clubs, I’m more than thrilled to check out some more and try new things once campus opens.

Going to Football Games

While I wasn’t a huge fan of attending sports in highschool, I’m more than thrilled to attend my first spartan game to really showcase my school spirit. I’m sure it’ll be an amazing experience when it finally happens. Go Green!


Attending In-Person Classes

Zoom university has been quite something, but I’m sure the real Michigan State experience will blow virtual classes out of the water. Being able to actually be face to face with my classmates and teachers sounds like a dream.

Making New Friends

With Corona, I think everyone has had an increased need for wanting to make new friends; due to being isolated for so long. That’s why being on campus will truly be such an enlightening experience for all students.

So, with all of these experiences in mind, I’m sure the semester of spring 2021 is hopefully going to be better than ever. Until then, hang in there my fellow Spartans!

Hi! I’m a freshman majoring in Film Studies. I’m really passionate about movies, art, animals, and sometimes even nature. Some of my favorite pastimes are roller skating, going to art fairs, spending time with my dog, and binge watching some Netflix. I hope to one day be a successful screenwriter for movies and the world of television.
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