7 of the Best Sitcom Thanksgiving Episodes

“Friends”: “The One With All The Thanksgivings”

My mom only likes two episodes of “Friends” and this is one of them. This episode is fully loaded with flashbacks. There is nothing like a holiday flashback episode to get you in the turkey day spirit.

How I Met Your Mother”: “Slapsgiving”

First of all, “How I Met Your Mother” is a genius show. Second of all, the concept of this episode is amazing. Robin brings her ancient boyfriend and the build up to the slap is so suspenseful. There is even a catchy song to make this episode even more awesome.

“New Girl”: “Thanksgiving”

I love this episode so much that I bought it off of iTunes so I can watch it whenever and wherever I want. I also love Justin ;ong. This episode is the gift that keeps on giving. Plot lines pile on top of each other and there is a lot to reveal about the characters. Plus, this episode has one of my favorite lines from any TV show ever. When the house is full of smoke, Schmidt says, “It’s like a Prince video in here.” I laugh every time. The timing and delivery is award winning.

“Boy Meets World”: “Turkey Day”

Shawn and Corey decide it’s a good idea for their families to spend Thanksgiving together but the Hunter and Matthews parents aren’t so thrilled. The dinner revolves around a class issue. With the Hunters living in a trailer park, the Matthews feel uncomfortable and the Hunters feel they need to act sophisticated. Like every episode of “Boy Meets World”, everything ends up being okay and a life lesson is learned.

“Happy Endings”: “More like Skanksgiving”

“Happy Endings” was gone too soon. This is another flashback episode and it is a darnn good one. We get to see Alex and Dave’s new apartment, see Max’s tape for “The Real World,” and learn how the whole gang met.

“Modern Family”: “Punkin Chunkin”

This episode is full of classic family drama but it is so much better because it’s “Modern Family.” From Phil getting mad at Claire for not letting him show his creativity, to Mitch thinking Cam is completely lying about his punkin chunkin story, we see typical Thanksgiving drama. And the episode ends with the whole family coming together and chunkin’ punkins.

“Friends”: “The One With The Rumor”

I said earlier that my mom only likes two episodes of “Friends” and this is the second one. This episode is amazing if you know that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were married at the time. Now that you know that, go watch it and try not to laugh. When Ross’s old high school friend Will comes over for Thanksgiving, we learn that he wasn’t the only member of the “I Hate Rachel Club.”