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After winter break, you may have little motivation for the start of the new semester. I am here to give you six tips on how to get back on track for the new school semester. 

Set Goals and Write Them Down

Writing down your goals for this semester is extremely helpful. Using SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound) goals is also a great guide to follow, and make sure you write down the reasons why achieving these goals is important to you. After you write down your goals, you can always revisit them whenever you need some extra motivation. 

Set a Routine

Something that everyone needs is a routine. This can help you academically, socially and mentally. Do not let school take over your life — remember it is important to take some time for yourself. Find a routine that works for you. It does not have to be set in stone — I recommend after a few weeks, figure out what has been working and what has not. If you need more time to study, re-adjust your routine. Setting a routine that balances your life will help you reach your academic goals and keep you motivated. 

Remind Yourself Why

If you're in a funk, sit down and think about a few things. Remind yourself of why you are in school, why you choose what you're studying and what your end goal is. These will serve as great reminders to why you chose this path. Think about what you want in the future and how all of this hard work will be worth it. Remind yourself of the big picture and let those feelings motivate you. 

Celebrate the Little Things

Make sure to reward yourself when you accomplish a task even if it’s little. Taking a small break after completing an assignment can help you regain some motivation. Although you do not want to get completely sidetracked, giving yourself a reward can help you feel positive and help you to keep working hard.

Find a Study Group or Group Chat

If you're confused about an assignment or have a quick question, remember that you're not alone. All your classmates are going through the same thing as you. Create or find a group chat or study group to help motivate each other or help each other out when you're feeling overwhelmed. 

Get Help When you Need it

It is always okay to ask for help when you need it. Teachers want to help you succeed and are willing to help you. If you're stuck on an assignment or have a question, do not be afraid to reach out. If you're struggling mentally then reach out to your counselors. Everyone wants to help you and see you excel. 

I hope you enjoyed this article and find at least one of these tips helpful to stay motivated this semester. Good luck and I hope you have a great school year!


Maia is a freshman at Michigan State University majoring in Human Biology. She is passionate about health, fitness, and fashion. During her free time she loves cooking, shopping, and spending time with friends and family.
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