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6 Of The Spookiest Disney Channel Original Halloween Movies

1. “Under Wraps” (1997)

“Under Wraps” is considered the first ever Disney Channel Original Movie giving it a sure spot in this line-up. The premise of the story is that an ancient mummy, Harold, comes to life and three 12 year old kids have to get the mummy back to his sarcophagus and reunite him with his love all before a group of punks sell Harold to an ancient Egypt enthusiast. It’s pretty intense and definitely worth the watch. You get history, action, Disney Channel and comedy all in one movie!

2. “Mostly Ghostly: Who Let the Ghosts Out?”  (2008)

This movie usually gets pushed under the rug but let me tell you — it’s a spooky one. I watched “Mostly Ghostly” when it premiered and I was shook for months afterward. While doing laundry in the basement, a young boy hears voices. He then investigates the voices and finds a tunnel of evil ghosts who are determined to free themselves AND they can only do so on Halloween. How convenient. The boy meets two ghost children who have taken over his room. He is on a mission to find out who they are and who killed their parents.The whole thing is very creepy and the tunnel of ghosts is what really freaked me out. If you ever hear voices while you’re doing laundry: run.

3. “Twitches” (2005)

“Twitches” is a classic Disney Channel Original Movie. When this movie premiered, I was seven and had to watch it in my basement with all my lights on. Even as a 19-year-old this movie still gives me the spooks. The darkness is what gets you. It’s really scary. The darkness takes over everything in it’s sight and I swear I was seeing it all over my house after the movie was over. I don’t want to give too much away for all those sad people out there who have not seen the beautiful friendship formed between long lost sisters. Just know, love can stop all the darkness. I guess it can only stop it until “Twitches Too” (2007.)

4. “Now You See It” (2005)

No, this is not the movie with Jesse Eisenberg and Dave Franco where they’re magicians and Morgan Freeman is that magic guy. I’m talking about the masterpiece that featured Aly Michalka and is still, to this day, one of my favorite movies that Disney Channel has ever made. Not only is it about young magicians, it’s also about real magical powers and producing a TV show. The movie is about a TV show about young magicians that go and live in an old mansion and compete to be the best kid magician. Danny is our protagonist but his magic is something more powerful than misdirection and card tricks. There is something off about him. Aly Michalka plays a character named Allison who is supposed to be kind of like Danny’s assistant but she ends up going crazy and becomes his girlfriend. Anyway, it’s a spooky movie because you never really know what’s going on.

5. “Hocus Pocus” (1993)

“Hocus Pocus” is a classic Halloween movie. It’s spook factor is immense and still frightens me when I watch it. It has all of the elements of a spooky movie; abandoned house, young kids, witches, virgins and a cat. Everything about this movie makes you unable to sleep at night. The witches are so creepy that you can still hear their cackles even when the movie is over. Witches luring young children into their lair in the hope of sacrificing them will forever make this one of the spookiest Disney movies.

6. “Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge” (2001)

I am a HUGE “Halloweentown” fan. Out of all four “Halloweentown” movies (yes, including “Return To Halloweentown” where they try to pass Sara Paxton as Marnie Piper) the second one is the spookiest. It’s the most elaborate one. You have a young teenage girl fall for a handsome boy who ends up being the devil. She’s trapped in Halloweentown and in an upside down world while that cute boy takes over her home and turns her mom into a monster. All pretty standard Halloweentown problems.


The first “Halloweentown” was pretty spooky but there is something about “Kalabar’s Revenge” that keeps me more on my toes. “Halloweentown High” is my favorite out of the four but is the least spooky one. It’s more entertaining than freaky. “Return To Halloweentown” is by far the freakiest but has gone down on my spooky meter because they didn’t address the change in Marnie with any line or joke. Missed opportunity. Also, I want Debbie Reynolds to be my crazy witch grandma.


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