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6 Reasons Why Bachelor In Paradise Season 4 is the Worst Yet

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead.

This year’s season of Bachelor in Paradise was cringe-worthy to say the least. Sure, some good came out of it — but for the most part, it was a bust. Here are six reasons why.

1. The men sucked

The tickle monster… seriously? I understand not all the men are going to be as hot as Dean… but come on. It wasn’t just the looks that were the problem. These guys were kind of weird and kind of just assholes.

2. Only three rose ceremonies

Three — that’s it. There were only three rose ceremonies for all of the episodes in the season. It was just odd and it dragged everything out.

3. Dean

Deanie, Deanie, Deanie. He really broke every BIP fan’s heart this year. We were all in love with him after Rachel’s season and he started off strong in paradise. Kristina and him were adorable, then he acted like the frat boy we know all too well. Kristina is perfect but D-Lo is hot, so subsequently D-Lo was his choice. At least he realizes that he screwed up.

4. The scandal

The whole Demario and Corrine drama really put a downer on the whole season. Any allegation of sexual misconduct needs to be taken seriously and it seemed like the Bachelor franchise used the scandal to try and gain more viewers.

5. The talk shows

So unnecessary! There were three after episode talk shows discussing what happened on the episode we had literally just watched. The finale was good, but bringing Corinne and Demario back at separate times just seemed a bit repetitive. Come on, ABC — you know we’re gonna watch it because we have an unhealthy addiction.

6. The girls were way out of the guys’ leagues

The girls on BIP were gorgeous, funny and smart. The guys were meh. Amanda deserved someone way better than Robbie. Don’t even even get me started on Kristina. Alexis was the funniest person on the show and no one appreciated that. Danielle M. is nearly perfect. Honestly, these men just wanted to party. Or, if you were Ben Z, you just wanted to hang out with your dog.

Can we just have a show about Wells now?

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