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5 Things We All Low-Key Love About Hallmark Christmas Movies

1. There’s always a happily ever after

No matter how cheesy or predictable you may find Hallmark Christmas movies, you can always count on a happy ending. Love seems to prevail through absolutely everything according to Hallmark.

2. The perfectly quaint small town

Even though I would assume most places are fictional in Hallmark movies, they are always set in quaint little towns that nearly always have some sort of Christmas festival or tree-lighting ceremony to attend. Towns like Evergreen or Angel Falls really just scream “made for Christmas time”.

3. The fake snow

It’s so bad that it’s good. We all know exactly what I’m talking about. Hallmark is famous for making it snow at just the right magical moment in every Hallmark movie. However, this “snow” looks more like someone is standing above the set and dumping tons of shredded up cotton balls or something. It’s painful to watch sometimes but I wouldn’t change a thing. It wouldn’t truly be a Hallmark Christmas movie without it.

4. The same actors are in every movie.

I’m pretty sure Candace Cameron Bure takes the cake for number of Hallmark movies any one actor has been featured in, but Lacey Chabert comes in a pretty close second.

5. Capturing the magic of Christmas.

Whether you love to sit down and watch a good Hallmark movie, or you absolutely can’t stand them, you have to admit they never fail to get you in the Christmas spirit. Hallmark movies somehow always manage to remind us what Christmas is all about: family and friends, love and giving and, of course, a little bit of magic.

Happy holidays everyone!

I am a Senior at Michigan State University, majoring in Communications and minoring in PR. I love to sing in the car, play with my dog, and find new recipes to make for my roommates. Also, Netflix is life.
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