5 Things Every James Madison Student Knows to be True: Told by Hamilton

1. Hamilton always reigns supreme

No one, whether they are a student or a professor, ever passes up on an opportunity to reference Hamilton because, let’s be real: Hamilton is always relevant. I once had a Madison professor make us spend ten minutes watching a Hamilton lyric video. Trust me when I say that, as far as James Madison College is concerned... Hamilton is going nowhere.

2. 201 will make you suffer...but you’ll learn lots!

201 chewed us up and spat us back out but, hey, we’ll never have to read the Federalist papers again! If we can survive the James Madison classes that are intended to weed out most students, we can survive anything.

3. Everything we need is conveniently in Case Hall

There is nothing better on this planet than being able to roll out of bed and say hi to your favorite professor on your way down to get an omelette from the Case Hall caf. Everything we need is at our fingertips (unless you live off-campus, then tough luck!) We definitely all know how weird it can be when you’re at the table next to the same prof who gave you your first 1.5 on a paper. Awkward.

4. Math does not exist

Don’t ask questions about math. Ever. Do we look like we’re taking Calc 2 for fun while we’re busy interning at the capitol for a representative we hadn’t heard of before this year andfor Gretchen Driskell’s campaign? I don’t think so. Take your math and put it in the trash -- thanks.

5. No matter what, we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else

At the end of the day, papers and stress aside, we love what we do in James Madison. We love the intellectual challenges, the debates, every internship opportunity and every second that we go to this amazing school. It’s setting us up to achieve our dreams and we are enjoying every second of it. Most of us have big dreams of being senators or president, so can you really hold it against us?