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5 Spring 2021 Nail Designs to Try Right Now

Spring is the best time of the year to freshen up your look, and a prime part of this is a good manicure. Give yourself some TLC and try out some of these trendy looks this season:

The Colorful French Tip

Add a pop of color to upgrade the normal french manicure into a fun, bright version that you’ll absolutely love! You can pick any color of your choosing to personalize your look.

The Colorful French Tip (Revamped!)

Similar to the colorful french tip, add a variety of colors to each nail to add a little more spice to your manicure this spring! A rainbow french manicure is a perfect addition to a spring or summer outing!

Color Gradient Nails

The next trend is the color gradient manicure, where each nail has a different shade of one color going from light to dark. This is the perfect look for those looking to take the single color manicure to a new level!


Instead of a gradient of one color, you could also pick a variety of colors for each nail! A popular color scheme this season is the pastels since they go with a spring look!

Negative Space Nails

Finally, negative space nails are bound to be the rage soon. In this style, the design is painted in a way that leaves clear sections showing your normal nail! These are perfect for someone who wants something unique, but not too bold!



Upgrade your style this season with a trendy manicure that is bound to lift your spirits, even on rainy spring days!

Lauren is a second-year student at Michigan State and is excited to join the Her Campus staff this year! She from Holt, MI and was in journalism in high school, which is where she found a passion for it that she hopes to pursue through HCMSU. She enjoys exercising, spending time with friends and family, attending concerts, sushi, and fostering animals!
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