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5 Reasons Why “Riverdale” is the Most Frustrating Show on Television


The show is supposed to be based on the “Archie” Comics

I used to be an avid “Archie” reader and not a single issue had this intense of a storyline. I like that the characters are the same because that’s interesting but everything else is completely different. Riverdale is a quaint little town where the high school students hangout and have their own troubles and drink milkshakes. But this Riverdale is scary and dark. There are a lot of secrets.

The plot is really intense and filled with drama

There is so much going on that it’s hard to keep the storylines straight. There are so many characters and they all need their own secret story. It makes everything very confusing but eventually it ties together.

The cast is too attractive

It’s hard to concentrate on the plot when the entire cast is extremely attractive. When Archie’s abs come on the screen, I blackout for a solid twenty minutes. When Betty let’s her hair down and you’re like, “YASSS” because she finally let’s lose a little, nothing else matters.

Nothing happens except in the last 15 minutes

I say this every time my friends and I watch the show. The first 45 minutes are useless. All they do is set the scene for the drama that will unfold in the last 15 minutes. It’s so frustrating because you try to figure out how the episode is going to end and then “BAM,”  45 minutes in and you’re thrown a curveball that you had no idea was coming.

You never know what the f**k is going on

Which brings me to my fifth point; YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING. Even after I’ve watched an episode various times, I couldn’t tell you what happened. Or why it happened. Forget predictions for this show because no matter how you think the plot will turn out, YOU’RE WRONG. This show is a cluster of not knowing what’s happening and mixed emotions

BONUS: When you think you know, you don’t

Plain and simple. You might be really good at figuring out mysteries on crime shows and stuff like that but on “Riverdale,” you don’t know. I promise you. You might know a little bit of what’s going on but you definitely don’t know the whole story.

And that is why “Riverdale” is one of the most frustrating shows on television. But it’s so damn good.

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