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4 Ways to Support the BLM Movement as an Ally


A call for justice, Black Lives Matter has been a growing movement since July of 2013. Following the killing of George Floyd nearly 7 years later, demonstrations have emerged in nearly 80 countries calling for the protection of Black Americans, culminating in perhaps the largest movement to date. With this being said, you may be wondering how you can help! You’ve found yourself in the right place then, as this listicle will show you four ways to help your community.

Attend a Protest

Protests have popped up around the country and even the world. By attending one, you can make your voice heard, show your support, and help others. If you don’t want to participate directly, you can hand out water and snacks to other protestors, or donate to the protests.

Spread the Word

We live in the age of social media. That being said, it’s easier now than ever to learn about new things - and to teach others. Using your platform to share events regarding the BLM movement, stories of leaders in the community, and your thoughts regarding the inequalities in America can put pressure on others - including politicians and police forces - to stand up for a change. 

Donate to a Bail Relief Fund or Organization

Let’s be honest, we’re all broke college students here. But if you have any extra change in your account, you can always donate to a bail relief fund or organization that supports the Black Lives Matter movement. The National Bail Fund Network and The Bail Project are two national bail relief funds. These organizations help protestors who have been jailed for participating in events. A comprehensive list of bail relief funds for individual cities can be found here

Amplify Black Voices!

Whether it be supporting black artists and businesses or sharing the stories and ideas of black friends and acquaintances, amplifying black voices is perhaps the most important thing you can do during these times. After all, this is a black-led movement, for black equality, and overpowering black voices is detrimental to the end goal.


Now that you have some ways to help, get out there! Make your voice heard and show your support. 

Source for countries participating in George Floyd Protests:


Pursuing a career in civil rights and immigration law, I am a political science pre-law student at Michigan State University. I love hiking, writing and art. Other works of mine can be found at www.childssizesmall.weebly.com/blog
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