4 Tips for a Socially-Distanced Halloween


Just because we are social distancing doesn’t mean we can’t still celebrate!

  1. 1. Go to a Cider Mill!

    Try and find a cider mill near you where you can pick up some donuts and cider. If you want, bring some friends, but of course, remember to be safe. 

  2. 2. Treat Yourself

    The Lalacoffee Mug

    Target has really cute and practical Halloween themed merch from decor to socks and pajamas. Target makes it easy to decorate your home affordably. They have all kinds of fall and Halloween themed foods to choose from, not just your typical bag of candies. If you are a pumpkin spice fan, they have pumpkin flavored treats. My favorite is the pumpkin spice latte creamer from Starbucks. I’m also a HUGE fan of the caramel apple lollipops. Those are one of my favorite parts about this time of year. If you love baked goods like myself, pick up a pack (or two) of the Pillsbury cookies with pumpkins and ghosts on them!

  3. 3. Movie Night!

    woman wearing black shirt eating popcorn

    Halloween themed and scary movies are one of the main reasons why people love this time of year so much. Although I am not a huge fan of horror movies, many streaming services offer a good Halloween movie for almost anyone to watch. MSU Residence Halls Association has an on-demand service where you can watch movies for free. All you have to do is go to rhs.msu.edu and scroll to the bottom where it says RHA movies. It will take you to two links. If you are off-campus, click the second one and after you log in using your credentials you can find a movie. Hulu has Huluween which is your one stop shop for spooky stuff. Whether you’re looking for psychological thrillers or Halloween themed episodes of TV shows, all of it will be in one place. I would suggest watching the Heist episodes of Brooklyn 99. Netflix also has some good Hallowen movies including a new original titled Vampires Vs. The Bronx about teenagers who have to protect The Bronx against vampires. Disney Plus has nostalgic classics like Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown. If you have access to any sort of streaming service, I would suggest taking a glance and treating yourself to a movie night. 

    If you want to have a scary movie night with your friends, but are not able to see them, take advantage of Netflix party or Hulu Watch party! Or even sharing a screen on Zoom! This is a great way to have a movie night with your friends while maintaining social distancing!

  4. 4. Have a Dance Party!

    Woman with headphones listening to music

    Make a Halloween playlist and have a dance party either by yourself or with friends! Although it may feel awkward at first, sometimes just letting yourself go and dancing by yourself can relieve stress and make you feel good. If you’re having trouble coming up with a playlist on your own, Spotify always has really good ones. 


Remember: just because Halloween is very different this year does not mean that you are not allowed to have fun safely. It is important to do things that bring you joy!