4 Steps to Take if You're Undecided on a Major

Whether you’re a soon-to-be college freshman or already a few years into college, it’s normal to be undecided on a major. In fact, many students end up changing their major at least once. Because the first two years are typically reserved for core classes, you should have time to explore your options. Deciding on a major that’s right for you might seem stressful or intimidating, but there are ways to help make your decision.

1. Take an online quiz

This one might seem silly, but quizzes are great for matching your personality to a corresponding field. Your initial reaction to the results might give you an idea as to what you truly like or dislike.

2. Close your eyes and imagine yourself at work

It’s a lot easier to picture yourself in a broader setting than it is at a specific job. The location and type of work environment you desire can narrow down your list of potential majors. Whether or not you want to travel, work with people, work in an office, etc., are all key factors in choosing which field to go into.

3. Consider job prospects

You shouldn’t choose a major based only on the amount of money you’ll make, but making sure you’re able to get a job that’s relevant to the degree you worked hard for is important! If you’re choosing between multiple majors, do some research as to what jobs you can get with each degree.

4. Visit your school’s career fair

Even if you’re completely undecided, talking to real people about their careers and how they got there can be really insightful. You might realize that a specific field of study isn’t as scary as you initially thought. If a particular career really interests you, deciding on a major will be easier with the end goal in mind.

Your college major neither determines nor guarantees your future, but it’s important to love what you study because you’ll spend most of your time in that subject.