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4 Rules for a 4.0

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

Whether you need to ace an important class or boost your overall GPA with a stellar semester, these are four rules to eat, sleep, and breathe for a 4.0.

1. Break a big goal into little goals.

Earning an A is an ambitious goal. With some classes or professors, it is a seemingly impossible one. Ease the stress of this daunting task by focusing on a little at a time. Set reasonable daily and weekly goals. This may seem obvious, but many students struggle with poor time management skills. Force yourself to be consistent and resist the temptation to cram.

2. Stay organized in whichever way suits you best.

At the start of every semester, the internet is flooded with academic advice columns and articles urging students to get a planner. In reality, the planner method is not for everyone. Some swear by the sacred text of their planners and make a wine night out of decorating them during syllabus week. Others could care less about stickers and colored pens (to these people…who hurt you?). Bottom-line — figure out how to keep track of your to-do list! Use a planner, sticky notes, a wall calendar, your phone calendar, or simply jot down a to-do list in your notes on your phone.

3. Stay balanced.

Contrary to pop culture’s stereotypical depiction of a “nerd,” cramming in the library day in and day out isn’t the best strategy. While it’s important to consistently work toward your goal little by little, don’t fall into the trap of living an imbalanced lifestyle. A happy medium is key. Make time to eat right, get a little exercise, and socialize with friends. These exterior factors will go a long way in your academic success.

4. Remember that you don’t need a 4.0.

Use these strategies to produce your best academic work. If you came up short, that class was probably a b*tch and a single grade cannot make or break you, anyway.

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