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25 Ways to Treat Yourself for Almost Nothing

We all have those days. Nothing goes our way, or contrary, we’re in a spending, celebratory mood. Instead of reaching for your debit card to justify your mood, try one of these free or low cost mood boosters instead.

1. Rent a Redbox movie

2. Try a new look with makeup you already own

3. Print a coloring page from the internet

4. Check out a library book

5. Start a new Pinterest board

6. Decorate a page in your bullet journal

7. Re-organize your room or office

8. Bake a one-serving dessert

9. Paint your nails

10. Listen to a new podcast

11. Take a bubble bath

12. Use a facemask

13. Invite a friend over for a glass of wine

14. Take a nap

15. Plan new outfits with your existing wardrobe

16. Write someone a letter

17. Try a new shade of lipstick

18. Create a list of your goals

19. Do a crossword puzzle

20. Listen to a TED talk

21. Go to the gym

22. Learn to meditate

23. Prepare your lunches for the week

24. Go for a walk outdoors

25. Text a friend you haven’t talked to in awhile

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